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Artist > Cornelis Springer  (1 pages, 9 paintings.)

Cornelis Springer

Cornelis Springer (1817-1891)
Cornelis Springer learned the art of painting under Hendrik Gerrit ten Cate and later under Kaspar Karsen. He soon began to concentrate on townscapes. Springer spnet most of his life in Amsterdam, although he travelled throughout the Netherlands to draw his sketches. These he later incorporated into his studio work: townscapes in which he generally remained true to life, except for one or two details. Springer was especially celebrated for his numerous depictions of town halls in Dutch cities and the massive canvas he painted together with Karsen for the Rembrandt anniversary festival in Amsterdam, 'View of The Hague from the Delftse Vaart in the 17th Century'.
Town Square Before A Church, A Capriccio
Springer Cornelis Many Figures On The Market Square In Front
Figures In A Street In Delft2
Figures in a Street in Delft
Along The Canal
A View Of The South Entrance Of The St. Pancras Church, Enkhuizen
A View of a Town along the Rhine
A Cathedral On A Townsquare In Summer
A Busy Street In Bremen With The Saint Johann Church In The Background

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